Peer Review No.2 -Shakespeare SARAH AZZOPARDI

Wow Sarah, Iโ€™m really amazed by you piece of writing! We both chose the same topic for this week blog and the same poem! In going on with the reading I realized we thought about the same work by Shakespeare which recalls Raleghโ€™s poemโ€™s themes. I really realized how my ideas are close to yours and it was at the same time very interesting for me to read your version and interpretation of the poem for which you could glimpse also some sarcasm in it. Sarcasm was not the first feeling I had after reading at the poem the first time, which transmitted me just a deep melancholy and sadness. But I tried to reread it in the way you did, and I think I perceived something new from it! I agree with you when you say at the end that these poems may get us closer to these inevitable truths of life and I think already in writing a blog on them, we had a small but significant opportunity to think about it. Great job Sarah! If you want to read also my version, you can find it on my blog ๐Ÿ™‚



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