Peer Review No.2 – 19th Century Literature JESSE OWAD

Hi Jesse, I absolutely loved your post!! I found it extremely funny ( ย your last sentence is just hilarious! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and at the same time very informative and useful to broaden my knowledge of the social critical writing Coketown. Very well written, precise, direct and very personal. Most of all I found extremely interesting your in-depth research and interpretation of the word “Amen” as a religious issue. I didn’t focus on religion much during my own reading of Coketown, and it is very curious and helpful to read your ideas for a better understanding of Dickens piece of writing. I also liked your choice of writing style in using the rhetorical figure of repetition, of the word ” hypocrisy” to highlight and reinforce the ideas you are conveyingย of Cokeown.ย Great Job!



One thought on “Peer Review No.2 – 19th Century Literature JESSE OWAD

  1. Excellent peer review Beatrice! You are writing well here with enthusiasm and encouragement. It is amazing how sometimes your sentences just come out cleanly without many mistakes at all! Keep up the good work.
    Michael (MG)


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