Peer Review No.2 – 19th Century Literature JESSE OWAD

Hi Jesse, I absolutely loved your post!! I found it extremely funny (  your last sentence is just hilarious! 🙂 ) and at the same time very informative and useful to broaden my knowledge of the social critical writing Coketown. Very well written, precise, direct and very personal. Most of all I found extremely interesting your in-depth research and interpretation of the word “Amen” as a religious issue. I didn’t focus on religion much during my own reading of Coketown, and it is very curious and helpful to read your ideas for a better understanding of Dickens piece of writing. I also liked your choice of writing style in using the rhetorical figure of repetition, of the word ” hypocrisy” to highlight and reinforce the ideas you are conveying of Cokeown. Great Job!



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