Blog Topic #4


Chose any one of the paintings that you fell in love with yesterday and write the back story behind the painting. In other words imagine the artist, the sitter, the event that produced this painting and describe the painting itself with as much rich detail as you possibly can.

Jan van Bijlert (Netherlands), Girl with a flute, 1630

Dear spectator,

I know what you are thinking about me when you look at me, as you are doing right now.

I know I look like a prostitute, a promiscuous woman that no man would desire. This is how my creator imagined me in his head, probably because of a disagreement with some women, that brought him to have a poor consideration of them. Now, this is its reputation of us: cheaters.

I can see your disgusted and shocked face when you stare at me, seeing my beckoning smile while I expose part my breast to you. I am trying to seduce you. Am I succeeding in this? I don’t think so. You are probably scandalized and displeased in seeing me, my uncombed hair and my reddish cheeks.

I look like a dressed up seventeenth-century erotic woman, surrendered to life and diminished by herself. 

Are you really asking me why am I holding, grasping, gripping a flute so passionately? Why am I letting a pentagram notebook stroke my leg? Can you not see that?

Even so, I do not have to justify myself to you for the way I look. I will tell you who I am, as you do not understand it yourself.  You look pretty confused, are you not?

Anyway, I don’t care about your judgment, whatever it is. 

Dear viewer, I am not a prostitute, how you immediately labeled me. I am just the personification of Music. I embody the pulse of life.

Music is life. I am making love with music, right now as you are watching me. I will not give myself to you. Music satisfies me, more than you could. Music is an addiction for me; I am addicted to that melody, that comes from my flute and carries me away, in a parallel universe, in a much better world.  This is what makes my heart beat.

If it was for you, my dear powerful, mature, manly, “macho”, heroic and vigorous man, I would be dead. Music keeps me alive even if I live in this dark room, surrounded by gloomy shadows and sad memories. This is where you left me, standing alone in the dark. You deprived me of the little I had. You even had the courage to take away my dignity, but no, I won’t let you take my soul!

Now, you can walk away, as I would like to keep playing my flute. This is all that I have now and I won’t be sharing this sublime moment with you.  Thank you for visiting.


Girl with a Flute.

PS: This is just one,  of the many and fascinating examples I found of how femininity and sensuality of women are approached to music and instruments.

G. Boldini, Nude woman playing piano, 1842-1931

3 thoughts on “Blog Topic #4

  1. A fabulous entry Beatrice. You give the reader a real surprise in the way you turn the narrative around from one view of the woman to another. Your final interpretation of the woman as the embodiment of music is perfect! Excellent!!
    *Please attend to editing your work carefully. Here is what I have picked up:
    *Now, this is its reputation of us: cheaters. [it is not clear what you mean here. Is it: Now, this is our reputation, we are cheaters.]
    * I expose part my breast to you. = I expose part OF my breast to you.
    *surrendered to life and diminished by herself. = surrendering to life and diminished by myself.


  2. Hello Beatrice, the only problem I had with the organization of your site was finding the other peer reviews. When I click on the drop down menu for peer reviews only one comes up and I can’t see the rest. If you email me with the link for the others I will take them into account.


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