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Write a paragraph explaining why you think it is worthwhile exploring art works even though you are a student of literature.

I think it is worth while exploring ark works even though I am a literature student for a variety of reasons. Firstly, because one does not need to be an art student to appreciate or explore art; also it is extremely important to explore art works and artistic tendencies no matter what one studies! I think there is a close connection between art and literature: in fact, art interprets literature and together they blend into a creation of words and images that together represent the key for us to enter into an ancient unknown world. I think that art and literature have common ground, especially in the imagination faculty. I remember a Latin writer, Horatius Flaccus, who wrote memorable phrase; “Ut pictura poΓ«sis”, when translated means “As in painting so in poetry”, meaning that “Poetry is like a picture” or “a picture is like a poem”. I believe that art is an additional value for those who study literature, due to its power of visual impact rather than a conceptual one. This helps to strengthen the imaginative faculty. The images that are conjured up from the paintings, whether they are real or not, can be easily engraved in our memory and in thanks to this we are able to connect and visualize ourselves with what we read between the lines of a novel or a poem. Paintings and art work are full of fascinating details that can enrich and be easily complemented in connection with words.


For example, during my visit in the Art Gallery this week, when looking at the painting “The Widower” by Luke Fildes, I recalled Dickens’ words from his novel “Oliver Twist” where he describes the miserable condition of the lower classes in 19th Century in London. This painting perfectly represents what it means to be poor, this is exactly the same idea Dickens’ transmitted in his work, but with one difference: he used words instead of colours and brushes. I think this painting was a visual representation of Dickens’ work.

In conclusion I find the fact that verbal art and iconic art, with all its different languages and different techniques are able to be expressed in wonderful ways that translate to be the same perception of the world and existence, the same moods and inner labyrinths of the human soul amazing!


2 thoughts on “Blog topic #5

  1. Beatrice,

    Awesome blog I agree with you 100%
    I like how you pointed out the inextricable connection between art and literature. I wrote something very similar its good to see we are on the same path! There is definitely something special about studying a text then viewing the art work from that very same period. I like how you gave an example of a peace of art that evoked a memory and imagery of Charles Dickens works. I think its awesome that you made that connection, I hope everyone else did with a peace of art as well. I certainly found it fascinating looking at all of the paintings from different eras then comparing them to authors we have studied.

    Great job, You have an awesome style of writing and you are engaging with the blog questions very well πŸ™‚ !

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