Blog Topic #5


From the perspective of the moon, in a paragraph, describe the current situation on earth as you see it.

I can see a planet, far beyond the stars, a capricious anomaly in the sea of space. A lonely spaceship, a large asteroid cold and grey as a rock without colors; held together with a bit of glue, something tells me you lost all of the emotions. No more nature, no more deep emotions, I can only hear animals screaming and human voices. You are now populated only by intelligent beings who have nothing in common except vices, evils, sorrows, old age and unhappiness. This is humanity’s impact on your planet’s atmosphere, oceans and wildlife. Man is turning the world into a ferocious and poisonous place. He is polluting all of your air, water, soil, animals…and himself, to the point that it is legitimate to wonder if, within a hundred years, it will still be possible to live on you.

The salvation once was to walk on the green earth to appreciate the beauty of the present moment. Now the only thing  I can see are human beings trudging around and worrying how their life is going to be one day. No future for you, no hope and no salvation. It’s as if to say that man does not belong to the earth anymore, it is the earth that belongs to men. Man is the craziest specie: avenging an invisible God and destroying a visible Nature. Do not waste your precious time asking yourself ‘Why am I not a better place?!’. You need to ask yourself about your own nature and the laws governing your existence. I see humanity in the light of dawn living in a state of unhappiness. I know, that you are aware. But you won’t find any help, nor hope in staring at me. Unhappiness in not something you can escape, rather is a universal natural condition, a cosmic pessimism that will forever inhabit you.


3 thoughts on “Blog Topic #5

  1. Hi Beatrice,
    I really enjoyed the way you used language in your entry this week, it seemed almost mystical due to all the imagery used which is very fitting considering it is from the moons perspective. I completed the same question as you this week and it was so interesting to see the vast differences between our entries; yours was incredibly dire while I spoke about a world of wonder. Our pieces could almost work as a before and after sequence! The only tip I have is to double check for typos, they interupt your flow (“Man is the craziest specie”).
    Keep up thegreat work!

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