Peer Review No.4 – Shakespeare Natasha Prudnicki

Lovely post Natasha! I was very engaged while reading your piece of writing because everything that concerns love, is absolutely fascinating and important to me. I liked your reflection about love as it appears very sincere and realistic. It was interesting for me reading another kind of response (which wouldn’t be completely devoted) if it was asked you how much you love someone, because I would have answered it in a totally different way, And I believe that reading things under another point of view can only enrich my knowledge and open my horizons.

I agree with you when you said, that it depends upon familiar circumstances, but I believe also it depends on personality. I see myself very different from you, for I would have reacted in the opposite way. I keep demonstrating, even in words, how much I love someone because I’m always scared that it isn’t enough and that this is the right key to make people feel loved. Of course, I believe that actions speak louder than words most of the time, but maybe for some people this is not enough; maybe they are fragile people, unsure or have been hurt in the past and for this reason they need more than others, to hear and to be shown feelings constantly, And this is why I keep reassuring the people I love. I feel life is too short not to tell them everyday how special they are to me!

But I admit that maybe, unlike you, I am an incurable romantic and I believe in the power of words. I believe that words have a special energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to illuminate and to inspire. On the other hand, I’m also aware that most of the times, silence can speak louder than a thousand words and many people prefer not to give voice to any feeling, but rather they choose to keep it special to themselves.

I loved the response you would have given especially when you wrote: “I love you even when you don’t ask me to, even when things aren’t right between us.” It makes me understand that love does not always need to be spoken out loud, or to exist when things are perfect. It is the intention behind words that makes the difference. I loved you realistic way of responding and, as I am a little bit too much of a dreamer sometimes, I can surely learn something from this!


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