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You are the scholar Gypsy. Explain to your friends why you have decided to run away from conventional education.

“Come, let me read the oft-read tale again, The story of that Oxford scholar… Of pregnant parts and quick inventive brain, Who, tir’d of knocking at Preferment’s door, One summer morn forsook His friends, and went to learn the Gypsy lore, And roam’d the world with that wild brother- hood.”

– Arnold, The Scholar Gypsy

George_Cole_harvest rest 1865
The Scholar Gypsy, M. Arnold, 1853.

Why have I chosen and preferred to join a group of scholar gypsies and escaping the modern conventional life and education?
Living a modern life, in a modern place was starting to make me feel sick as if I had a “disease”; the modern lifestyle was contagious and we were all becoming victims of that crazy social system. Even those who were trying their best to avoid modern life were becoming infected. And I didn’t want that for me, for my future. We were all great students, enriched and filled every day with precious and advanced information. We used to know everything about grammar, sentence structures, latin declinations, lingua franca and classical vocabulary. But what is the point in knowing all of this, if you don’t know what happiness is? If you don’t know what real human relationships are? If you can’t call anyone a friend or if you live every day of your life feeling pointless. Full of information and knowledge, but empty of emotions; this was how I was feeling. I believe education has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading.

This is why one day I changed life, I changed habits, I changed the way of seeing things, I changed my way of learning things. In this way I am not only trying to avoid modern life, modern education, but I am repudiating it by creating my own transcendent dimension, sharing this journey with some true friends: the scholar gypsies. I had to turn my back entirely on Oxford, which represents the perfect learning and modernity and for this, people around me still judge me crazy, and this is because they didn’t care about how I was really feeling because if they would, they would have supported me in my choice.

I truly believe in the fact that we can transcend if we are willing to pay the price. We can improve our life and let us live the life we deserve: a serene rural life, where we can feel free to act as we want and to learn from human behaviors, from nature. This kind of knowledge is more precious to me. What attracted me of the gypsy’s way of studying and learning was that they “had a traditional kind of learning among them, and could do wonders by the power of imagination, their fancy binding that of others.” I feel now, that everything I learned and I will learn from the gypsies is a valuable secret that I will have to share to the world, to teach people something they have no idea of. Because I cannot forget my past, I cannot delete my roots and I cannot deny my origins.

I believe in nature, in the power of imagination: I believe we can inspire ourselves from it and to learn so much. I believe imagination is crucial for the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We need to discover all the possibilities, to break the schemes. We need to create other worlds where we can be other things. We have to take our time to wonder at the noise a cricket makes at night on the grass. We need the space and time to create stories of our own. We have to pretend, to dare, to dream. My friends, Even Albert Einstein said that “imagination is more important than knowledge!”; you should join us and enter this magic world where you can learn the jewels of happiness. You can learn above all what humility is, what self-offering means, how to find beauty in simplicity, how to search for healing in the natural powers around you, how to meditate in nature. How to be happy. There is so much beauty around us. You will learn how to make the best of your time in nature and experience the vastness and depth of it. You will learn how to enjoy the beauty in the simple and natural things in our environment. The possibilities to reach an unconditional happiness here are endless, trust me!


4 thoughts on “Blog Topic #6

  1. Hi Beatrice,

    The way you started your blog with a question was interesting, it sounds like a self-reflective question and a proposal as to what you are going to tackle in your blog.
    Your argument against the modern life is fairly strong- you explain these entire things that are available for us, yet they mean nothing if we have no human interactions to promote friendships and communication (an important tool for an individual to live in an effective and an engaging society.) You did not focus your question only on the negative aspects of modern world, however you pointed out the positive and let your friends reflect on those positives and question their virtues.
    You end your blog so well, taking the reader back to you strong beliefs and value of imagination with a brief analysis on why you think it is crucial. I am certain that you could change someone’s perspective on the modern world and the gypsies’ choice of living through your convincing argument, which you end with the two words “trust me” and your friends are likely to do that if they can feel your strong hope of restoring the gypsies’ world and be part of it.
    Perhaps you can add first person (my) after the word changed in this sentence, “This is why one day I changed life, I changed habits…” to make it more personal and more rational, as we cannot change LIFE in its entirely by ourselves (we need each other to work towards one goal to achieve the impossible as the gypsies believed.)
    We can improve our lives* the following link will show you a group of people explaining to each other about collective nouns and using plural verbs.

    Really good read and good luck with your future blogs.


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