Peer Review No.5 – 19th century literature Jesse Owad

Jesse, I absolutely loved your blog post! I’ve chosen the same topic as you for this week 🙂 and I loved reading another version of the response to the topic. I can surely learn something useful from your blogs: you are able to express your ideas perfectly in such a concise way, there’s no waste of words and this is thanks to your ability in choosing great words and expressions. You can tell so much in such short paragraphs and it is so true that the quality doesn’t depend on the length of our writings!

I liked the way you embodied rhetorical questions in your text; it made me understand that you really reflected in depth on what education means for you. I agree with you when you say that we don’t experience education but we only learn it “theoretically” through books and essays. You really gave me the idea of what freedom is for you and how it is important for us to be out of constraints in order to learn what education is. I personally think that what we should learn first, before grammar, rules, and formulas, we need to learn so much from human relations, how to behave and how to approach to the world. We don’t find this written in books; for this reason we should just go out and get into the game to experience life in first person, without filters.

I love at the end of your blog, the use you made of anaphora, to reinforce the idea of how far and distant you feel from these “intellectual games”. Your language is so expressive, very concrete and enriched by an intelligent lexical choice!

Great job! 🙂


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