Peer Review No.5 – Shakespeare David McGettigan

David, Iโ€™ve chosen to review your blog this week, as it truly touched me. The fact that you unfortunately experienced the loss of one of your beloved (I cannot even begin to imagine what is it like) made your writing be very passionate and spontaneous.

Whilst growing up our fathers are our earliest and strongest examples of masculinity and strength. Inevitably the loss of them triggers a profound grief and I canโ€™t even comprehend how hard it would to deal with this immense sense of emptiness. You are indeed very lucky for the great relationship you had with him, and for all that you were able to learn from him- I know wholeheartedly that it has sculpted you into the person you are todayโ€ฆa privilege to be honest!

Your poem, the love behind those lines, that was just amazing! I appreciated how you tackled your emotions and externalized what you have inside. I believe what you have written is special because it comes from your heart and there is nothing more sincere, true and honest than the love we feel for our loved ones.

And as the little girl in the video ( Iโ€™ve watched it before and absolutely loved it as it makes me literally cry every time i watch it) you posted says, Dad is our Superman and forever he will be!



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