Peer Review No. 6 – 19th century Literature – Danielle Gatt

Hi Danielle, congratulations for your piece of writing!

I literally re-read it four times because I loved it! I think you taught us an important lesson, especially in the end when you state “Pride isn’t a bad thing, I won’t tell you that, but it slaps you in the face and tells you to wake up. It just does it in a way that we need, not the way we’d want it to.” I think we can all learn something from your experience.

I love your style of writing, I can tell that you read a lot of books and I think you acquired amazing language skills throughout your study path; your piece of writing was so easy to read, it seemed to me like a conversation, but at the same time rich in details and a colourful language.

I appreciated a lot seeing confidence in what you wrote. I personally think that we all should be a bit more confident in ourselves and our skills, determination and self esteem are extremely important in order to succeed and it’s exactly what makes the difference. It is so admirable to see how much effort and passion you put into things you love. I had a similar experience, but in sports and I really know how it feels like.
The determination and the grit of a person comes out in difficult moments where we feel vulnerable. And from your story I see you didn’t lose your drive, even the bad news and that’s what makes you the strong person you are!

Great work!



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