About Me

I'm an Italian Girl, currently on exchange in this wonderful country, 
that I dreamt of for so long !!
Unexpectedly, my dream came true just one month ago. I packed my 
suitcase, throwing random things in it with all of my enthusiasm. 
I said goodbye to all of my friends, relatives and certainties, 
and got on a plane, finding myself staring at a beautiful sunrise 
somewhere, in between. 
Confidence, independence and becoming who I really am, are the three 
aspects I am already noticing myself really grow into! 
And now I'm living and exploring a beautiful world,
completely outside of my comfort zone. 
This is revealing to me a life changing experience
that is making me realise I can do so much more than I ever thought 
was possible. 
More fun filled times, more excitement, and more challenges to come, 
and I will be grateful for this for the rest of my life! 
I’m not kidding when I say I cannot wipe the smile off my face every
single day!! :)

I hope you'll enjoy my posts and writings, but if you have a question 
about anything, or a scoop, or you don't think it the same way,
feel free to share your ideas with me!